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The Five Freedoms

Political Freedom
The Freedom Movement has reacted with outrage at the loss of our civil liberties over the last year and a half. We have had our right to travel severely restricted. We have been forced to stay locked up in our homes. Seniors have been denied the right to leave their care homes and denied the right to have their family and friends visit them. Businesses were forced to close, violating our basic right to earn a living. We have experienced unprecedented censorship on social media. 

All in the name of a virus. 


Civil rights and freedoms must be fought for and maintained because the wealthy and powerful have no intention for us to be free. It doesn’t help them to control populations. They have no need of democracy – their wealth and power gives them all the freedom they want. 

The right to vote and choose our own leaders is the right of citizens of any nation daring to call itself democratic. When political leaders are selected in sham elections there is no longer any government by the people, for the people and of the people. Western nations are run by corporate billionaires who hire public relations puppets like Justin Trudeau. 

Personal Freedom
Any individual can achieve personal freedom, even in a dictatorship. There were many people under Stalin and Mao who were able to sidestep the authoritarian government and continued to live full, productive lives. You can still achieve your goals under tyranny though it may be much harder and require more effort. 

Though China does not have as much political freedom as we are used to in the West (at least up until the plandemic of 2020) there are thousands of people who still have great personal freedom. China has moved at least 500 million people out of poverty in their country and with wealth there comes personal freedom. 

Personal freedom means living your life the way you want to live it; the freedom to pursue your hobbies, interests and dreams. Thomas Jefferson’s phrase “the pursuit of happiness” is all about personal freedom. You are a free will creature with the right to be happy, and you have the ability to increase your own personal happiness as long as it does not make others unhappy or cause them harm. Selfish people have no concern or regard for the rights or happiness of others. They pursue false freedom which we will get to at the end of this chapter.

Social Freedom
People often voluntarily enslave themselves without even realizing it. They become trapped in relationships and situations that they can’t get out of; marriages that are dysfunctional and friendships that are toxic. Families and communities are often notorious for putting people into identity boxes in their attempts to make people conform to social norms. Our society, through the compromised media is constantly telling us what we are supposed to think and feel, and models behavior that supposedly leads to happiness but much of what the media is generating is actually loneliness, depression and grief. 

Happiness isn’t a new car or house or travel to exotic places; happiness is the way you feel inside in response to what happens around you. Happiness is a sense of well-being. Everyone responds differently because we are each a unique individual. What makes you happy may not make me happy. 

Social freedom is usually dependent on setting boundaries in relationships so that others are aware of what lines they can or cannot cross with you. Failure to establish boundaries leads to conflict, abuse and toxic relationships. Social freedom means taking charge of your own life and becoming the king or queen of your own small kingdom. You must decide the rules and laws that govern your life and not allow others to decided for you. 

Economic Freedom
For most people in Western society being wealthy means economic freedom – the freedom to work if we want or travel where and whenever we want. However, the pursuit of economic freedom in our society is actually leading many people into economic enslavement as the average citizen accumulates higher and higher personal debt. The average Canadian now owes $73,532 according to an Equifax stat from 2020. Credit card debt, car payments and mortgages can place enormous strain on families and marriages. 

True economic freedom doesn’t always come from wealth. It often comes from staying out of debt. Poor people can be free if they are living within their means and wealthy people can be enslaved if they have debt beyond their ability to ever pay if off. It’s better to be poor with no worries than wealthy with endless anxiety. Managing our resources wisely leads to a sense of peace and contentment. Even a large debt can be worry-free if our finances are well-managed and we have a long-term financial plan.
Spiritual Freedom
Religious organizations can become dogmatic social clubs where everyone is expected to think and believe the same things. Although church, temple and mosque may provide much social stability and community morale, they can often become traps that stifle true spiritual growth. True spiritual freedom is found by following the inner spirit, the still small voice wherever and whenever you feel you are being guided. True spirituality is a journey, a process and an adventure that ought to lead you to higher acts of service to others. 

True spirituality leads to unselfishness. Much of religious dogma is based on self-interest; people look for security to save themselves from death by memorizing doctrines instead of living a life that increasingly makes them better people. True religion is based on your own personal experiences with the spiritual world – it’s all about growth not about codes, rules and creeds.

False Freedom
The freedom that is practiced by the Elites is a false freedom that only makes them free. Their freedom is at the expense of everyone else’s freedom. True freedom liberates everyone. There is always a balance between your personal choices and how those choices affect those around you. Selfish people never consider the effect of their actions on others. The New World Order’s goals are completely selfish. They literally want to own everything and everyone to appease their colossal egos. They became wealthy by stealing from everyone else and they make themselves free by enslaving others. 

Their wealth and power has given them immunity from prosecution. They live above the law and do whatever they want. Rape, murder, torturing children, extortion, drugs, sex trafficking – nothing is off limits to them. The freedom to do evil isn’t true freedom. True freedom is becoming increasingly liberated from all evil and becoming more and more altruistic. 

Freedom is Horizontal
For over a century, the movers and shakers of our world have strived to build centralized cities of concrete, steel and glass. Tall buildings that reach the sky are monuments to our modern society’s scientific and technological achievements. The pride of human beings is personified in these grand and majestic towers that house corporate offices with magnificent views of the little people that live down below. 

Our global economy is a hierarchy of those who have mastered finance, technology and power. The graduated floors of any office building are a literal example of the ladder-climbing system human beings have created. Centralized cites, centralized power and centralized finance benefit the ruling class the most.

Our planet is NOT over-populated but our cities are over-crowded. We have millions of acres of land here in Canada to spread out our population and avoid urban density. Modern transportation and communication means we can easily and efficiently build a real democratic society without massive centralized cities. 

Freedom is not vertical. Freedom is horizontal. The future society that is even now at the door will have a much more equitable distribution of wealth. Billionaires will one day very soon be a thing of the past and poverty will be eradicated. We can never accept anything less.

~ Chapter Fourteen of How to Defeat the New World Order Part 2

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