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What is Octologue?

An Octologue is unique free spirited organizational method on how to build a society or run a project.

It was developed by John David Garcia over a 20 year span, and its purpose was to learn how to maximize the creativity of a group because when you mix creativity with ethics, you have a peaceful well functioning society.

The main difference between a hierarchy society and a HoloMat society, is that a hierarchy is designed to avoid, eliminate or destroy corrective feedback, and a HoloMat is designed to elicit and encourage corrective feedback.

Here are the benefits of an Octologue

  • This is a non-hierarchic community where each person has the same status as everyone else.

  • The decisions are unanimous, not based on majority rule where people are forced into doing things they don’t want to do.

  • Their actions are highly ethical. Each person understands the Ethics taught, and they commit to act in accordance with those ethics. These are the ethics taught by John David Garcia.

  • Everyone takes feedback very seriously and resists bureaucratization and corruption.

  • Together people engage in a communication process known as Autopoesis. This page details what it is and how to use it. Autopoesis amplifies the creativity of the entire group.
    Autopoesis can be used by any business, school, charity, community of 8 people, and is meant to be used to achieve ethical goals or objectives.


This model below that Garcia came up with was called an “Octet”, and it had the following characteristics:

  1. “The group is comprised of eight people ± 1 – in other words 7 to 9 people, with 8 being best.

  2. The group is comprised of four men and four women ± 1 – again 4×4 is best, but 3×4 or 4×5 is acceptable.

  3. The group members all understand the principles of Ethics as exemplified by the Bill of Ethics and are committed to acting ethically to the best of their ability.

  4. Participation in the group is voluntary. Anyone can quit at any time for any reason.

  5. Only unanimous decisions by the group are recognized as true group decisions.

  6. A group member can only be expelled by the group if all the other members agree unanimously.

  7. The group has been trained in a communication protocol that facilitates the making of unanimous decisions.

  8. The group meets as often as it likes – once a week often being optimal – once a month being the least frequent occurrence that works – specifically to engage in a communication protocol called “Autopoesis”, a process that amplifies the group’s creativity.

  9. The group need not engage in Autopoesis at every meeting; but should do so at least once a month for meaningful results.


The larger version of the Octologue is known as a Holomat, which is a group of Octologues linked together.  These HoloMats can also be linked together making larger HoloMats.  As Titanian Citizens  are trained to use the technology, the process starts growing, and it builds by itself slowly at first, then it starts to build faster and faster.

Octologues grow at a factor of 8, and the participants experience increased creativity,  it will grow at a rapid rate.  Many HoloMats need to be filled to create a thriving society

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