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Freedom Cells

"FREEDOM CELLS are peer to peer groups organizing themselves in a decentralized manner with the collective goal of asserting the sovereignty of group members through peaceful resistance and the creation of alternative institutions."
~ Derrick Broze

Various organisations have used cell groups successfully to build their membership, provide structure and de-centralise their organisation. Most importantly cell groups allow organisations to get everyone involved if only to socialise. Protestant Christian churches have long used this method to strengthen their communities. Many churches call them “care groups” and there is emphasis on giving each other moral support, reading the Bible together and praying for each other.

Other less benevolent organisations have used cells to promote military agendas. Small autonomous cell groups of anywhere from 3 to a dozen members were effectively employed by the French underground resistance in WW2 and by the IRA (Irish Republican Army). These groups used cell groups to prevent infiltration. A large top-down organisation with a centralised command is easy to infiltrate because nefarious outside counter-intelligence groups only need to send in one agent. A proliferation of independent cells who have their own agendas, plans and leadership is much harder to infiltrate because many undercover agents are needed and small groups have trusted members who are known to everyone in the group and resist outsiders coming in.

Each cell group can have its own plans and activities. There doesn’t need to be, nor is it desirable at this crucial time in world history for there to be a handful of leaders doing all the work while the majority of activists remain idle waiting for someone to show them what to do. All hands on deck. We all need to get involved and do something.

The word activist is based on the word "act." An activist does something. We all have different skills, abilities, temperaments and strengths. Cell groups allow like-minded and socially compatible activists to organise themselves and find a project or plan they can accomplish together.

At the very least, cell groups can help give each other moral support and help us rebuild our communities in more positive directions. It’s better than staying at home, isolated and depressed, drinking too much alcohol and worrying about the future. Ten heads are better than one and teamwork is needed more than ever. 


Though it is true we are still relatively small in number, the overall movement can grow significantly when we are all established into cells groups. Then we can start recruiting new people. It is much easier for people to join a small cell group than to join a big rally where there are way too many people and confusion. The real secret of successful activism is careful planning by small teams who come up with a campaign and carry it out.

Never underestimate the power of a small motivated group of people. The rallies give people the illusion that the speakers are doing everything and they are the sole leaders in the movement but the reality is that there are many people working behind the scenes. Decide today to be on of those people and start your own cell group. Be a leader. 

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